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Adventures Of Egbert (Pupil's Book) (Instrumental Solo)

Mary Cohen

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Introducing Egbert! Egbert is a lazy little boy who doesn't much like practising his violin - until one day his mother tells him where he can find an old map of the island of Vi-O'Lyn, with its buried pirate treasure. Suddenly, violin practice time becomes FUN, as Egbert and his friend Polly the Parrot set off on their adventures through the land of music. First they are cast away in a boat from treasure island, but they manage to reach dry land, and end up joining Mr Bim-Bam's circus.

Find out what happens to them, in this delightful story with musical interludes and exercises to help you through the early stages of violin playing. And all you friends can join in, too, by dressing up as pirates and clowns, and acting the story while you play. You'll love EGBERT!

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571510159

Item Code: 0571510159

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A delightful beginners’ violin book (8 years and under) telling Egbert’s hunt for treasure on the island of Vi-O’Lyn (words, music and illustrations) Open srings – simply fold tunes (eg Lightly Row). This would make an excellent informal concert item, ideally for a violin group (possibly combining with the music class). Also possible for soloist and narrator. Great possibilities for imaginative teachers. Highly recommended.

European String Teachers Association, Summer 1990