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After Hours For Flute And Piano (Instrumental Solo)

Pam Wedgwood

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Pam Wedgwood's After Hours For Flute And Piano presents eight atmospheric, original pieces for the intermediate flautist with piano accompaniment. They are ideal for teacher or pupil and provide a perfect follow-on for those that have used and enjoyed Pam’s highly acclaimed Jazzin’ About Series.

The book contains piano accompaniments, but for extra sophistication a CD of backing tracks is also included. Each piece within the collection has two different backing tracks: the first (full performance) includes the backing track along with the instrumental melody; the second (backing only) presents the backing track alone. The full performance track is provided to help the player to the learn the melody and its interaction with the accompaniment; the melody is played on a marimba to avoid dominating the acoustic ‘live’ instrument for those players who choose to play along with this version of the backing.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 057152270X

Item Code: 057152270X

Price: £8.99
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Genre(s): Jazz, Easy Listening, Educational

Language: English, German

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Grade(s): Grade 4, Grade 3, Grade 5

Included media: 1CD

Series: After Hours

Territories: Item available Worldwide

  • Flute
  • Piano
  1. Call It A Day
  2. Sliding Doors
  3. The Friends
  4. Summer Nights
  5. Come Dance With Me
  6. Remember When
  7. Survivor

  • Sample Music

  • Falling (Performance).mp3

  • Falling (Backing).mp3