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Collected Lute Music (Instrumental Solo)

John Dowland

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The Collected Lute Music of John Dowland is an extensive collection of over 100 Fantasies, Pavans, Galliards, Almains, Jigs, Ballads and other tunes by the celebrated Renaissance composer. Transcribed and edited by Diana Poulton and Basil Lam, all pieces are presented in lute tablature and keyboard notation. An introduction, calendar of dates in the life of John Dowland, biographical notes and a note on the transcriptions are also included at the beginning. 

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571100392

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Genre(s): Renaissance Period

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  1. A Fantasie
  2. A Fantasie
  3. Forlorn Hope Fancy
  4. Farewell
  5. Farewell (An "In Nomine")
  6. A Fancy
  7. A Fancy
  8. A Fancy
  9. Piper's Pavan
  10. Semper Dowland Semper Dolens
  11. Solus Cum Sola
  12. Mrs. Brigide Fleetwood's Pavan alias Solus Sine Sola
  13. Dr. Case's Pavan
  14. Resolution
  15. Mr. John Langton's Pavan
  16. Sir John Langtons' Pavan
  17. Lachrimae
  18. A Pavan
  19. The Lady Russell's Pavan
  20. A Pavan
  21. Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard
  22. Dowland's Galliard
  23. John Dowland's Galliard
  24. Dowland's First Galliard
  25. The Frog Galliard
  26. Galliard
  27. Melancholy Galliard
  28. Sir John SOuch's Galliard
  29. A Galliard
  30. A Galliard (on a galliard by Daniel Bacheler)
  31. Giles Hobie's Galliard
  32. A Galliard
  33. A Galliard (on Walsingham)
  34. Mrs. Vaux Galliard
  35. Mr. Langton's Galliard
  36. Mignarda
  37. A Galliard
  38. Mr. Knight's Galliard
  39. My Lord Chamberlain, His Galliard (an invention for two to play upon one lute)
  40. The Right Honourable The Lord Viscount Lisle, His Galliard
  41. Round Battle Galliard
  42. The Most High and Mighty Christianus the Fourth, King of Denmark, His Galliard
  43. The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, Her Galliard
  44. Can She Excuse
  45. The Right Honourable Robert Earl of Essex, His Galliard
  46. The Lady Rich's Galliard
  47. The Right Honourable The Lady Rich, Her Galliard
  48. The Earl of Derby's Galliard
  49. The Right Honourable Ferdinando Earl of Derby, His Galliard
  50. and more...