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Concerto for Orchestra (Orchestra/Score)

Carl Vine

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Carl Vine’s Concerto for Orchestra was premiered to critical acclaim by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra in October 2014. Its composer describes the way the 20-minute work (like his recent Piano Trio The Village) ‘evolves organically through a chain of episodes to create a web of melodies and harmonies that are related but not identical. This network of ideas is tied together by strong lateral bonds but remains fluid and flexible, creating a series of fleeting glimpses – what Prokofiev called visions fugitives – abstract patterns glimpsed in the half-light or imagined behind clouds.’

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571572316

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Genre(s): Contemporary, 21st Century

Language: English

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‘A kaleidoscopic showpiece for orchestra entirely worthy of its name. The piece bristles with contrast and energy. Within the first few minutes we journey from a mellifluous woodwind pastorale to a fanfare for full brass choir, then to a driving passage for timpani and drums alone. Within Vine’s deft and unpretentious musical language one may detect hints of minimalism, jazz, a recurrent lyricism and the direct expressiveness of music for film. It is very much a summation and distillation of the kinds of music we live with every day, reimagined and revitalised for the concert hall.’ The Australian (Paul Hopwood), 14 October 2014