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Improve Your Aural! Grade 2 (Tutorial)

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The very thought of aural, especially in examinations, strikes fear into the heart of many young pianists and instrumentalists. But aural should not be an occasional optional extra, it’s something to be developing all the time, because having a good ear will help you to improve as a musician more than any other single musical skill.

Improve your Aural! is designed to take the fear out of aural. Through fun listening activities, boxes to fill in and practice exercises, this workbook with CD focuses on all the elements of the aural test. And because all aspects of musical training are of course connected, a range of interconnected activities are included to help develop the ear including singing, clapping, playing your instrument, writing music down, improvising and composing.

All the answers for Improve Your Aural! Grade 2 are provided on the last page of the physical book.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571534392

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Genre(s): Educational

Language: English

Grade(s): Grade 2

Included media: 1CD

Series: Improve Your Aural!

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For anyone taking exams (of which aural tests are an integral part) these books are an invaluable resource as the CD enables the student to ‘self-administer’ the exercises and listening activities…an added advantage is that students can practise the test in the order in which they come in the examination and become familiar with the routines involved…The layout of the books is admirable (answers are at the back) and the spoken instructions are clear and friendly…..All the workbooks and CDs offer a useful and enjoyable experience quite apart from their value as practice material.

European String Teachers Association Magazine