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JJ Johnson's Last Concert - DVD (All Instruments)

J.J. Johnson

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This enjoyable DVD features JJ live, playing at his best with a fantastic group at The Jazz Room at William Paterson College in New Jersey. Quintet features JJ with Dan Faulk (tenor), Renee Rosnes (piano), Rufus Reid (bass), and Bruce Cox (drums). For all fans of tasteful, swinging, straight ahead jazz. 90 minutes.

Publisher: Aebersold


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Genre(s): Jazz

Language: English

Included media: 1DVD

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  1. Shortcake
  2. Quantegy
  3. See See Rider
  4. Malaga Moon
  5. Bud's Blues
  6. Friendship Suite
  7. Why Indianapolis - Why Not Indianapolis
  8. The Summary
  9. Carolyn
  10. Hasten Jason