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Little Red Hen: Farmyard Fable (+CD)

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A high-fibre Farmyard fable with added fun! It’s hard working Little Red Hen versus the lazy loafers: Percival Pig, Dorothy Duck and Christopher Cat. A lively cast of farm animals, narrators a jolly farmer and his wife and the Corn Dollies – a band with attitude sing out the story as Little Red Hen finds a true friend in Mr Wheatley, the miller, and bakes a happy ending. This musical for 4-7 year olds features catchy tunes that are easy both to teach and to learn. Book includes: Checklist tables for the cast; ideas on staging and scenery; score featuring melody and lyrics with guitar chords; CD with instrumental backing tracks as well as full performances; photocopiable script.

Publisher: International Music Publications

ISBN: 1859096573

Item Code: 1859096573

Access Code: 6524A

Price: £18.99
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Genre(s): Musical Theatre

Language: English

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Grade(s): Key Stage 1

Included media: 1CD

Territories: Item available Worldwide

  • Piano
  • Voice
  1. Bag Of Flour
  2. Bake This Bread
  3. Better To Be Busy
  4. Bows
  5. Cut This Corn
  6. Grain Of Corn
  7. I'll Be Your Friend
  8. In The Farmyard
  9. Loaf Of Bread
  10. Lovely Being Lazy
  11. Meet Mr. Wheatley
  12. More Satisfaction
  13. One Happy Family
  14. Plant This Corn
  15. Satisfaction
  16. Stalk Of Corn
  17. The Little Shoot