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Piano All Sorts (Grades 2-3) (Piano Solo)

arr. York / John

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Piano All Sorts (Grades 2-3) is an assortment of 25 fun pieces to pick and mix! From easy classics to great new pieces, these are exciting and varied collections for both educational and recreational use. All Sorts is designed to fit the technique and capabilities of the young player. This book has been selected and edited by John York.

Publisher: Trinity/Faber

ISBN: 0571521339

Item Code: 0571521339

Access Code: TCL011411

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Grade(s): Grade 2, Grade 3

Series: All Sorts

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  1. Creepy Crawlies (Carpenter)
  2. Vivace (Spanish Dance) (Clementi)
  3. Reflected Image (York)
  4. Will You No Come Back Again? (Traditional)
  5. Soldier's March (Schumann)
  6. Rigaudon (Rameau)
  7. Children At Play (Bartok)
  8. The Industrious Student (Bischoff)
  9. Lullaby (King)
  10. Twilight (Hayashi)
  11. Allegro (Haydn)
  12. Fugue in C (Pachelbel)
  13. Minuet (Dussek)
  14. Waterveiled (Toovey)
  15. Minuet in C (Scarlatti)
  16. Broomstick Boogie (Wedgwood)
  17. Scottish Dance (Beethoven)
  18. Etude (Czerny)
  19. Stamping Along (Norton)
  20. Tristesse (Fuchs)
  21. Waltz (Clementi)
  22. Andante Con Espressione (Kuhlau)
  23. Etude in D (Heller)
  24. Le Lutin (Kinberger)