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PianoWorld Book 2: Exploring the Piano (Piano Solo)

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Joanna MacGregor's PianoWorld Book 2: Exploring the Piano is a unique way to motivate young pupils to where they won't know they're working hard, and you will never hear them complaining about piano practice again!

PianoWorld is a series of story-based tutors that entice pupils into a world of piano exploration.  With illustrations by the highly-acclaimed 'Stik', there are colourful characters whose escapades provide the inspiration for new techniques and pieces that will have children and adults chuckling with delight. Games and puzzles galore provide hours of fun at, and away from the piano, and are a valuable built-in revision.

Each of the books in the series include catchy pieces in a range of styles. 'Digital dodgems' and 'finger crunchers' provide focused study, while 'technix boxes' give new information such as notes, musical markings and time signatures. A CD is also included with each book, bursting with adventures, pieces, games and accompaniments for an enhanced learning experience.

If you want to further your practise of the PianoWorld method, PianoWorld: Exploring the Piano Repertoire Book coincides with Book 2, and PianoWorld: The Great Piano Voyage Repertoire Book coincides with Book 3, but both are great supplements to all the PianoWorld books, and keep the young pianist primed for their next level of learning.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571516726

Item Code: 0571516726

Price: £6.99
Availability:In stock

Genre(s): Children, Educational

Language: English

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Included media: 1CD

Series: PianoWorld

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