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Second Book Of Bassoon Solos (Instrumental Solo)

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The Second Book of Bassoon Solos continues the natural progression established in the First Book of Bassoon Solos. The sixteen pieces are arranged in approximate order of difficulty and provide a wide range of music for study and performance. The book encourages players to address technical issues such as rhythm, tone quality, intonation, articulation and musical character. The wide selection of pieces from a number of composers introduce a variety of styles that each require a slightly different approach to playing.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571506046

Item Code: 0571506046

Price: £9.99
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Grade(s): Grade 4, Grade 5

Exam Board: ABRSM

Territories: Item available Worldwide

  • Bassoon
  • Piano
  1. JS Bach: Sinfonia **ABRSM selected piece: Bassoon syllabus 2006-2013
  2. Aria
  3. Handel: March
  4. Gavotte
  5. Telemann: L’hiver
  6. Barsanti: Largo
  7. JC Bach: Air
  8. Allegro Con Spirito
  9. Traditional: The Maiden’s Blush **ABRSM selected piece: Bassoon syllabus 2006-2013
  10. Haydn: Prelude
  11. Menuet
  12. Finale
  13. Mozart: Dalla Sua Pace **ABRSM selected piece: Bassoon syllabus 2006-2013 and **Trinity Guildhall selected piece: Bassoon 2012-2014
  14. Dvorak: Larghetto
  15. Grieg: Album Leaf
  16. Granados: Andaluza