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The Lang Lang Piano Method: Level 3 (Piano Solo)

Lang Lang

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Join the superhero world of Lang Lang and come on a piano adventure with The Lang Lang Piano Method Level 3

Level 3 continues the progression by:

  • extending the note range to an octave
  • exploring different keys
  • including more hands-together in pieces.

The five progressive books in The Lang Lang Piano Method provide a unique and imaginative way for complete beginners to learn the piano with the world’s most successful concert pianist, Lang Lang. There’s plenty to play all around the keyboard right from the start. Fun, imaginative pieces develop the left and right hands equally and supporting audio features exclusive performances by Lang Lang of the concert pieces. Musicianship is developed through theory pages and listening to exclusive performances by Lang Lang of piano classics for children. 

“I’ve written The Lang Lang Piano Method to inspire today’s kids with my passion for the piano.”
Lang Lang


Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571539130

Item Code: 0571539130

Price: £5.50
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Genre(s): Educational

Language: English

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Series: Lang Lang Piano Academy

Territories: Item available Worldwide

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....as I played through these books with my pupils I was pleasantly surprised and eventually delighted. They represent a credible and imaginative approach to learning the piano....It is pedagogically and technically very sound; clearly presented; and works quickly, thoroughly and (most importantly) enjoyably from beginner to beyond Grade 1 level I would use it myself.

Fiona Lau, Music Teacher Magazine, March 2016

Factor in their great visuals, fresh new pieces and low cost, and these books are sure to win many friends.

Andrew Eales, Pianodao (Online Blog)