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The Mindful Pianist (Tutorial)

Mark Tanner

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EPTA’s The Mindful Pianist, by Mark Tanner, presents amateurs and professionals with a fresh perspective on playing and performing. Applying the concept of mindfulness to the piano, this invaluable text explores the crucial connection between mind and body: how an alert, focussed mind fosters playing that is more compelling, more refined and ultimately more rewarding. It tackles the issues encountered by pianists when practising, performing, improvising and preparing for an exam: how to choose repertoire and memorise it; how to set about making an initial survey of a new piece; and how to take a more level-headed view of our aspirations. Drawing on the expert advice of 25 leading pianists and educationalists, this unique book offers a wealth of exercises and musical examples to help every player succeed in becoming a Mindful Pianist.

The Mindful Pianist was a ‘Best Print Resource’ nominee for the 2017 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence. 

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571539637

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"Practical, positive, perfect!" - Pam Wedgwood

"Both the amateur and professional pianist will find something of substance in 'The Mindful Pianist', for its fresh approach is both invigorating and thought-provoking. The book highlights the immense significance of cultivating a better and more conscious use of mind. Indeed, intense concentration, and orderly use and presence of mind, are essential tools of a great pianist, and the aspiring amateur and student would greatly benefit from Mark Tanner's suggestions of how to develop these qualities. This line of work, in turn, will lead to more precise and refined listening and, hence, improved practising. The 'Mindful Pianist' tackles this vital issue, and much else, admirably, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to pianists of all levels." - Martino Tirimo

"In typical Mark Tanner style, this book is an enterprising, absorbing and enjoyable read" - Erica Worth, Editor, Pianist Magazine