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The Piano Teacher's Survival Guide (Tutorial)

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From preparing for the very first lesson to mastering fiendish fingering and performance anxiety, this inspirational guide helps teachers nurture and support students at every level and develop a love of the piano. With musical communication at its heart, The Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide by Anthony Williams tackles universal issues and common frustrations faced by all pianists as well as improving and developing teaching skills and piano technique.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571539645

Item Code: 0571539645

Price: £12.99
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Genre(s): Educational

Language: English

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"It's so full of wisdom, brilliant technique [and] energy...all the information and advice is clothed in imagination making everything that is perceived as difficult, seem so simple, clear and obvious."
Hilary du Pré, July 2017

"A hugely thorough and inspirational read for all teachers and pianists."
Louise Roques, June 2017

"Once in a while a book appears which must be considered essential, an instant classic, and this is one such publication. The Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide instantly establishes itself as the very best practical manual available for today’s piano teachers."
Pianodao.com, June 2017