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The Pop Piano Player: Isn't She Lovely (Piano Solo)


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The Pop Piano Player: Isn't She Lovely presents 14 pop classics in an ingenious new format for pianists, arranged by John Kember.

The Pop Piano Player Series is an essential resource with each volume featuring many classic songs. Designed for both pianists wanting to make the transition into playing pop piano, as well as for those keen to develop their own style, each song is presented in two different formats.

The first version includes the melody and lyrics with a basic chord structure for each song - ideal for practice, accompaniment and improvisation. The second version is a superb arrangement of the song for piano solo, suitable for intermediate-level pianists, perfect for performance.

All the songs are in their standard keys, enabling pianists to play with other musicians, and the free CD features performances of all the piano arrangements played by John Kember.


Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571532969

Item Code: 0571532969

Price: £12.99
Availability:In stock Territory restrictions apply, see Add. Info

Genre(s): Pop, Rock, Easy Listening

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Included media: 1CD

Series: The Pop Piano Player

Territories: Item available in Europe & Australia only

  • Piano
  1. Music
  2. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  3. Sweet About Me
  4. Everybody Hurts
  5. Come Away With Me
  6. Stepping Stone
  7. Love Is A Losing Game
  8. The Winner Takes It All
  9. Home
  10. A Million Love Songs
  11. The Look Of Love
  12. Billie Jean
  13. Isn’t She Lovely
  14. The More I See You
  15. I Will Always Love You
  • Dream A Little Dream Of Me.mp3

  • Everybody Hurts.mp3

  • Sweet About Me.mp3

This collection of intermediate (Grade 3-5) pop songs from John Kember is a fantastic resource for pianists who want to make the transition to playing pop piano. It is unusual in that each song is presented in two formats: the first has melody, lyrics and a basic chord structure, making it ideal for accompaniment, improvisation and understanding harmony; the second is a full-blown, beautifully arranged piano solo. Both versions of all songs feature on the CD.

We varied the playing by dueting as one played the chords and the other the melody (this was very good for understanding the underlying harmonies and might serve as a good Year 9-11 composition stimulus), or attempting the piano solo versions and being delighted by Kember's excellent, true-to-the original arrangements. Playing along and listening to the CD enabled [pupils] to get to grips quickly with the rhythms and get an overall idea of the pace and flavour of each piece.

Music Teacher, January 2010