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The Sam West Vocal Workout DVD (Voice)

Sam West

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The Sam West Vocal Workout DVD begins by explaining the principles of voice production, and graphics are used to illustrate certain points. Sam West, with the aid of two singers, Candi McKenzie, and Bridget Lynch-Blosse, explains and demonstrates various singing techniques, i.e. Breath Control, Range, Resonance, Vibrato, Aural (ear) training, plus more.

In the 'workout' section, ten different exercises are presented, each going through various keys - thus accommodating both low and also high voiced singers. Each of the ten exercises are intended for specific areas of vocal technique. Viewers can select different parts of the program quickly - thus varying their practice routines. The written musical accompaniment to the exercises can also be viewed on-screen via the DVD menu.

Sam West is well known and respected within the UK music scene - especially for his work as a vocal trainer to contemporary singers.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571533663

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Price: £14.99 (inc. VAT)
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