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Violin Playtime Book 2 (Instrumental Solo)

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With Violin Playtime, the beginner violinist can make music from the very first lessons. In the three books that make up the series, there are over a hundred little pieces, a treasure-trove of attractive tunes - some traditional, some by composers of the past, some newly composed. This is more then just an easy anthology, as the underlying approach is 'learn as you play', and a carefully devised ground plan of technical development makes it a manual in disguise, a tutor without text.

This book is designed for players at about grade 1 standard, with lively illustrations contributing visually to the excitement of learning the violin. Violin Playtime Book 1 caters for players from the very beginning to about grade 1, while Violin Playtime Book 3 is for those approaching grade 2.

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571508723

Item Code: 0571508723

Price: £8.50
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Genre(s): Instrumental, Educational

Language: English

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Grade(s): Grade 1

Series: Violin Playtime

Territories: Item available Worldwide

  • Piano
  • Violin
  1. Allegro (The Fairy Prince) (Arne, Thomas)
  2. Andante (Lully, Jean-Baptiste)
  3. At Prayer
  4. Canon (Gervaise, Claude)
  5. Canon (Praetorius, Michael)
  6. Carnival
  7. Contredanse
  8. Down-Bow Polka
  9. Fast Dance
  10. Folk Dance
  11. Gypsy Ballad
  12. Hora
  13. In The Monastery
  14. J'ai Du Bon Tabac
  15. Lament
  16. Little Brown Jug
  17. May Song
  18. Minuet (Boismortier, Joseph Bodin De)
  19. Minuet (Campagnoli, Bartolomeo)
  20. Morris Dance
  21. Pussy Cat In The Snow
  22. Rigaudon (Campagnoli, Bartolomeo)
  23. Russian Dance
  24. Sicilian Chorale
  25. Slovak Song
  26. Song Of The Huntsman
  27. Song Without Words (Hadgiev, Parashkev)
  28. Spring Has Come
  29. Stamping Dance
  30. The Gossip
  31. The Trumpets (Mozart, Leopold)
  32. The Vicar Of Bray
  33. The Winter
  34. Ukrainian Dance
  35. Valsette
  36. Vivace (Diabelli, Anton)
  37. Winter's Frost Is Here At Last