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Vol. 54 Maiden Voyage Alto Sax Solos (Instrumental Solo)

Lennie Niehaus

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This book teams up Grammy winner Lennie Niehaus with the great jazz saxphonist and educator Greg Fishman for a set of exciting jazz solos written for the intermediate sax player. These 14 jazz solos were written to be played with Jamey's popular ""Volume 54, Maiden Voyage"" play-a-long and, since they are by Lennie, you know they swing and are fun to play.


To make it even better, we've included a play-a-long/demonstration CD with jazz saxophone master Greg Fishman playing the solos with the Volume 54 accompaniment tracks to demonstrate proper jazz feel and interpretation. Lennie writes - Greg plays. You listen, play and learn.


Publisher: Aebersold


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Genre(s): Jazz

Language: English

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Included media: 1CD

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